Newport Beach Juni 2016
HighEnd 2017 Munich / LAAS 2017
Mai 12, 2017

Newport Beach Juni 2016

Im Juni 2016 stellten wir erstmals die Prototypen der High Line „Bob“-L in Los Angeles auf der Newport Beach THE-Show vor. Gleich drei der bedeutendsten US-Amerikanischen Audio- und HiFi-Journalisten haben sofort darüber geschrieben:

John Atkinson, Chief Editor “Stereophile”

… “Sasha also reported favorably on the sound of Holger Stein’s prototype V6 speakers, which combine a horn midrange covering the range from 500Hz to 3.5kHz with a horn tweeter and open-baffle lower-midrange and bass arrays featuring three 10″ Kevlar-cone units and six Kevlar-cone 12″ woofers, respectively. The woofers operate below 60Hz and are driven by an internal 450W amplifier and adjusted with DSP to match the room. But, tipped off by the Los Angeles & Orange County Audiophile Society’s main man, Bob Levi, I took a listen to these speakers and was blown away by the natural, unforced sound quality of the female soloist on a baroque aria recording…”

Jonathan Valin, “Absolute Sounds”

… “Famous for its room treatments, Stein Music introduced its $80k V6 floorstander with spherical-horn-loaded tweeter and midrange, cone mid/bass, and active, DSP’d woofers that are side-mounted. This large, striking-looking transducer was driven by Stein electronics and wired with Stein cables. The room was digital-only, alas, but that didn’t prevent the V6 from coming close to a Best of Show award. On The Weavers’ “Guantanamera,” it was superbly natural on all three voices (with zero horn coloration), gorgeous on guitars, and extremely high in resolution (I could hear Seeger humming as he played, which is almost a first). A BOS contender. …”

Sasha Matson, “Stereophile”

… “Stein Music Ltd. came to T.H.E. Show from Mulheim, Germany. This company does most of what there is to do in high fidelity: they make traditional components like amplifiers, loudspeakers, and phono cartridges, while also ranging further afield with products like their Harmonizer System and Quantum Organizers. But what first caught my attention in the Stein Music room was the physically imposing Stein V6 loudspeaker ($80,000/pair)—a tall, black cabinet topped off with a very large white horn. These cabinets are practically coated with speakers: six 12″ woofers mounted three per side, with three 10″ midrange/bass drivers firing forward and a horn above. The lower woofers are powered by 450W amplifiers and controlled by DSP processing. (Sensitivity specs were not available.) This speaker mélange was powered by the Stein Highline Amp 2 ($10,000), and fed by what Designer Holger Stein described for me as, simply, the Stein Player ($10,000). System details may have been a bit sketchy, but the music was not. I heard „My Funny Valentine“ from the album 4 Miles: There was Wayne Shorter, blowing in that strong and heroic way that only he has. Bassist Ron Carter, too, who never has had a very heavy tone to his playing, was accurately depicted—no false bottom end. For contrast, we then heard a bit of Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances with the Minnesota Orchestra. And for a vocal selection, we had Youn Sun Nah doing „My Favorite Things.“ The orchestral selection created a super-wide soundstage, whereas the intimacy of the lovely jazz vocal was well preserved. Most impressive sonic firepower here. …“

Hier gibt es noch ein paar Videos: ab Minute 8:10 ab Minute 26:20

… Den Richard Beers Innovation Award haben wir übrigens auch bekommen:

… Ebenso, wie den Oasis Award von David Robinson, dem Chef von Positive Feedback:

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